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Fire Shutter is Not Working

If The Shutter is Not Working Properly: What Need To Do?

Are you looking for a cleaning and maintenance fire rated shutters service near me?  Experts understand the importance of ensuring the safety and functionality of fire-rated shutters in any building. The Ashley roller door service provides the best hands for refunctioning your shutter on commercial or residential sites. In this blog, let’s discuss the common issues of shutter meanwhile regarding solutions are offered by experienced mechanics from fire-rated roller shutter service London. Shutter is Not Working Properly

What Do You Need To Know About Fire-Rated Shutters?

  1. Fire-rated shutters are vital components of passive fire protection systems
  2. These fireproof shutters are designed to compartmentalize areas within a building. 
  3. These special shutters prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the event of an emergency. The shutters are typically installed in openings such as windows, doors, and ducts. 
  4.  Fire-rated shutter gates are rigorously tested to withstand high temperatures and maintain integrity during a fire.

Issues can be faced with fire-rated roller shutters in London 

Jamming Shutters

Commonly this problem is being encountered with fire-rated shutters. The ignorance of daily cleaning may be a reason to keep debris inside the joints. As a result, we have to face problems related to jamming during operation. Moreover,  this can also occur due to various other factors such as misalignment and mechanical issues with the shutter components.

Failure to Close Properly – Shutter is Not Working Properly

Secondly, is a critical issue that comes to notice about fire-rated roller shutters. This is the failure of fire-rated shutters to close properly during trying to close. The experts consider this a serious matter because if it is an issue of alignment then some easy steps are enough to break it down. Furthermore, This can compromise the integrity of fire barriers. This allows the spread of fire and smoke to other areas of the building.

Damaged or Warped Slats – Shutter is Not Working Properly

With time, people are facing issues related to damaged and wrapped slats.  The slats are small pieces that come together and build a long curtain to maintain privacy inside the space. However, Over time, the slats of fire-rated shutters may become damaged or warped.  As a result, this is compromising their ability to provide effective fire protection.

Corrosion and Rust

Many environments feature heavy rain and hail storms like on coastal sides. These wet weather conditions bring moisture, especially for metal products like heavy roller shutters. This moisture can invite corrosion and rust on the body of the fire-rated roller shutters.  This makes the strength of metal weaker and then breaks. The situation impacts are risky for the structure and operations of fire-rated roller shutters.  

Electrical Malfunctions

The automatic fire-rated roller shutters depend on the electricity supply. Sometimes, shutters do not need to be maintained but the electricity supply chain creates problems as a stopper of operations. There are various components come under electrical part system. It includes faults in motor, short circut, wire cutting, and power switch issues. Furthemore, the problem in supply directly stop the movement of roller shutter.  Shutter is Not Working Properly

Best Solutions, which are given by the fire-rated Shutter service In London

  1. Our professionals recommend expert hands with safety tools for inspecting the whole shutter body. The team of skilled mechanics in fire-rated roller shutter service will clean tracks, and other joints by dismantling and washing them with chemicals to safety from moisture. Moreover, if you try then minor or major bruises can occur on your hands if you do without safety.
  1. The task of a closure inspecting in mechanism ensures that it is functioning correctly.  If there is an issue regarding proper balance during the close time then technicians can see easily. Moreover, they  Check for any obstructions or damage to the shutter blades. We restore the balance by replacing the part of the shutter or repairing a particular damaged part for surety of the perfect closing without leaving space between the floor and the bottom of the shutter.   
  1. Our team of best technicians will replace any damaged slats promptly to maintain the integrity of the fire-rated barrier. Moreover,  we advise you to consider investing in high-quality slats made from durable materials to enhance longevity and performance.
  1.  Giving relief from the corrosion and rust issues we follow a path. Firstly mechanics will clean the affected areas properly. Then we apply special rust-inhibiting coating or anti-rust paints to stop further damage and keep the strength of the metal. Thus, painting tools with the best quality special paint layers add power in the metal to face environment.  
  1. If you encounter electrical problems with your fire-rated shutters, it’s essential to seek assistance from qualified electricians or technicians. Check the power supply, wiring connections, and control panel for any issues and ensure that all components are functioning correctly. Perform regular maintenance checks on electrical systems to prevent potential failures and ensure reliable operation during emergencies. Shutter is Not Working Properly


Fireproof roller shutters have a responsibility to protect our space and assets from major fire and outside smoke incidents. As per the importance of fire-rated roller shutters, we need to give them extra care with proper maintenance and replacement service. Moreover, we have professionals in the team to take care of common issues with excellent solutions. The fire-rated roller shutter repair service in London. They give a guarantee to level up the functionality of your shutter by resolving all kinds of issues. You can book our services after clearing your all doubts with our best consultant.