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Roller Shutter Installation

Unconventional Shutter Installation Ideas: Adding Unique Style

When it comes to home decor, sometimes it’s the unconventional choices that make the biggest impact. Shutter installation provides an excellent opportunity to infuse your space with unique style and personality. While traditional shutters offer timeless elegance, exploring unconventional installation ideas can bring a fresh and distinctive look to your home. In this blog, Ashley Roller Door will delve into a variety of unconventional roller installation techniques that will make your space stand out from the crowd. From alternative materials to innovative placement, let’s explore how to add a touch of uniqueness to your space through roller installation.

Vertical Garden Shutters:

Combine the beauty of shutters with the lushness of a vertical garden by incorporating planter boxes into your roller shutters installation. Instead of mounting the shutters traditionally, install them horizontally, leaving spaces between the panels for installing planters. Fill these planters with your favourite herbs, flowers, or trailing vines to create a living work of art. This unique installation idea adds freshness, colour, and a touch of nature to both exterior and interior spaces.

Patterned Shutter Screens:

Break away from the traditional louvred or panelled shutters and consider creating patterned screens using solid shutters. With a jigsaw, you can cut intricate designs into the shutter panels, allowing light to filter through in captivating patterns. This unconventional roller shutters installation London idea adds a touch of elegance, sophistication, and visual interest to your space. Patterned shutter screens can be particularly striking when used as room dividers. This creates a sense of privacy while still maintaining an open feel.

Shutter Room Dividers:

Transform your space with shutter room dividers that offer both functionality and aesthetics. Utilise bi-fold or multi-panel shutters to create partitions between different areas of a room or to separate open-plan spaces. The adjustable louvres on plantation shutters allow for flexible privacy and light control while adding an architectural element to your interior design. This unconventional use of shutters adds depth, texture, and visual appeal to your living areas.

Shutter Wall Art:

Unleash your creativity by turning shutters into stunning wall art. Paint the shutters in vibrant colours or distressed finishes to match your decor style. Arrange them in an asymmetrical or geometric pattern on a feature wall to create a captivating focal point. You can also use shutters as unique frames to display artwork, photographs, or decorative elements. This unconventional shutter installation idea allows you to showcase your personal style and add a unique artistic touch to your space.

Exterior Shutter Accents:

Instead of installing shutters on every window, consider using them as decorative accents. Mount shutters on select windows to create visual interest and add a pop of colour to the exterior of your home. By choosing contrasting or complementary colours, you can make a bold statement and highlight the architectural features of your house. This unconventional use of shutters enhances curb appeal and adds a touch of personality to your home’s exterior.

Shutter Headboards:

Give your bedroom a distinctive and creative touch by using shutters as a unique headboard. Instead of a traditional wooden or upholstered headboard, install shutters behind your bed to create a focal point. You can paint the shutters to match your bedroom decor or leave them in their natural state for a rustic appeal. The slats of the shutters add texture and visual interest to the room. While the solid structure provides a sturdy and functional backdrop for your pillows and bedding. This unconventional use of shutters as a headboard 

Shutter Ceiling Features:

Elevate the style of your space by incorporating shutters into your ceiling design. Install shutters on the ceiling as decorative features or as functional elements to control light and ventilation. You can opt for louvred shutters to allow adjustable airflow or use solid shutters to create a unique textured ceiling. This unconventional roller shutters  installation London idea adds depth, visual appeal, and architectural interest to any room. Whether it’s the bedroom, living room, or kitchen, shutter ceiling features provide a distinctive and unexpected touch that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Salvaged Materials:

One way to add character and uniqueness to your shutter installation is by repurposing salvaged materials. Instead of opting for standard shutter materials, consider using old doors, or vintage window frames to create one-of-a-kind shutters. These materials not only add a rustic or eclectic touch to your space but also carry a sense of history and charm. Embrace the imperfections and unique characteristics of salvaged materials to create shutter installations that are truly distinctive.


With these additional unconventional shutter installation ideas, you have even more options to add unique style and personality to your space. Whether it’s using shutters as headboards, incorporating them into ceiling designs, or exploring other creative applications, the key is to think outside the box and embrace your individuality. By deviating from the traditional norms, you can create a space that reflects your personal taste and showcases your creativity. Enjoy the process of implementing these unconventional shutter installations and witness the transformation of your home into a haven that is truly one-of-a-kind. Let your imagination soar and turn ordinary shutters into extraordinary design elements that make a statement and leave a lasting impression.