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Curtain Walling

Why is Curtain Walling Not Working Properly?

Curtain wallings are thin, aluminum-framed walls with various fillings, including glass, metal panels, and thin stones. The framing is attached to the building structure. It does not support the weight of the roof or the floor; rather, it is supported by the building structure, specifically at the floor line.

If you ever wonder why curtain walling is not working properly, then do not forget to come back to this article.

There are multiple reasons which can lead to the malfunctioning of the curtain walling. You can identify and treat some of them, but some intense problems need the attention of reliable wailing system installation and repair services offered by Ashley Roller Door.

Let’s understand the different types of malfunctions you can face during the curtain walling installation.

Problems with Structural Integrity

Structural stability is one of the most important considerations for curtain wall fabricators when designing, supplying, and installing them. Curtain wall installation always requires enough strength and stiffness to perfect and durable installation. In addition, appropriate resistance to lateral load should be tested.

Errors in the integrity of the structure are the most common reasons why curtain walling not working properly.

Erection of the Walls

The erection of the curtain wall is a crucial step in the entire construction process. However, most installers frequently overlook this step which leads to poor construction with damaged stone, glass, aluminum, metal, and other materials as a result of irresponsible transportation, poor framing, and panel positioning during erection.

Errors in Movement

If you are planning to design a curtain wall, you must also provide for adequate movement between the wall’s components, as well as relative movement between the cladding and the frame of the building to which it is attached to the curtain walling.

Though the amplitude of these motions cannot be measured, it is crucial to note that they are most commonly observed at the cladding joints.

Paying attention to details is crucial or might start wondering why curtain walling is not working properly.

For a good cladding system, the joints must be properly installed with details. There may be both vertical and horizontal movements in the plane of the wall, and adequate measures must be taken for these.

Issues with Quality

Proper construction and quality checks are essential while building a curtain wall. Regardless of the materials used, a skilled installation crew and regular quality checks on the structure from start to finish are required to build a curtain wall that will last for a long time.

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Inaccurate Sizing and Positioning

The incorrect sizing and location of weep holes in curtain wall pressure plates and covers are some of the most prevalent faults found during curtain wall construction. It is vital to understand that the drainage path, as well as the size, position, type, and frequency of weep holes, vary amongst manufacturers’ goods.

As a result, the machining of the weep holes should be clearly defined and consistent with the manufacturer’s notes and instructions.

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Curtain wall systems are an appealing and popular alternative for modern structures because they offer a high level of transparency and allow for an unbroken flow of natural light. Curtain Walling Installation London is also generally quick and simple to install, which helps to save construction expenses.

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